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About Me: Personal Training is my life!

I have 24 years experience as a personal fitness trainer and now available as a New York city personal trainer. My training approach is friendly, positive, optimistic, knowledgeable skillful, motivating trainer. I definitely will assure you to reach your fitness goals, you wont waste your money, time and energy with me. I train all my clients with the most efficient, effective training methods including  my unique training techniques.

I am specialist in weight loss, losing weight, weight training gaining mass, size, and definition, cut, cardiovascular endurance training, boot camping , stretching  and  abdominal training. Besides   I train seniors who wants to get in shape and stay in shape for their health and fitness  and  to keep an healthy life style for men and women. I also train  clients at their  home personal training and at their  residential building gym in New York city

 Besides I help new young bodybuilders to prepare them for bodybuilding contests. I can also train professional basketball and  baseball players, Boxers, Swimmers, Marathon runners, sprinters, Martial artists to improve their performance. So I train all type of clients for all type of fitness goals.   

 I trained so many different clients in the past models, celebrities,, business men, politicians and also students they all saw  amazing results I competed for 10 years in bodybuilding competitions. I am still a competitive bodybuilder. Pictures from my award-winning international bodybuilding competition portfolio are available upon request.

I am an independent personal  trainer for 12 years. Before that, I used to work for fitness clubs and hardcore gyms for 12 yrs. I have  insurance  and I am certified by  I.F.P.A   I have been told by my clients that I am the best trainer. I am always in great shape very muscular,knowledgeable, skillful motivator, dedicated focused and friendly trainer My clients  have been seeing remarkable results. My training methods are the most effective and efficient training system for all type of clients and all type of fitness goals  I am a role model and I always keep myself in  top shape all the time to inspire my clients and show  them some respect by presenting myself professionally. If I am not in shape, then you might think that how I am gonna get you in shape. So  you will  absolutely  see the the results with me. its % 100 guarantee. I am confident about it because I first accomplished it on my body so I am a living prove and role model to inspire my clients and others you can contact my current clients as a reference. besides  I give  a  free trial  session see how you like it  before you make a commitment and my rates are affordable. Where  I train is the best gym and best equipment.

 Call now and New York City personal trainer Nezih Ulgentay can also give one free trial session and great results are guaranteed 

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The Best Training and In Home Training in NYC

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If you're seeking  good an affordable personal trainer, my personal training information can also be found on craigslist .


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